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Top 5 Reasons How I-Newswire Can Help You
With Your Press Release Distribution

We make press releases simple! You can be confident that our press release distribution service is among the industry's best.

Since 2006, i-Newswire.com has consistently ranked as a leading press release distribution service. We offer a comprehensive list of distribution channels that ensures your message is broadcasted on various new and media sites.
With our affordable rates, your ROI is maximized on single and subscription plans.

Reason 1: Simple to get started

No more fumbling with complicated forms, you can get started in literally minutes. Simply join today and join the thousands of other satisfied members inside.

Reason 2: Fast approvals!

Fast approvals in 4 hours means your news hits the newswires quickly. Need news to be out today? Our editorial team helps you get your story out the same day.

Reason 3: Accurate reporting in PDF

No more guessing where your press release was published to. Everything is is cleary detailed in your customized report. It includes when and where your press release has been published to saving you from spending time from searching for it.

Reason 4: Social media shares and RSS news feed

You have quick access so readers can share your story in the social media circles. You can also quickly share with your communities an tribes. RSS feeds means your press release can get pickup by other outlets which can boost your overall exposure online.

Reason 5: Fast, friendly customer support

24 hour response time. You have peace of mind knowing that our friendly staff its there to help you with every step of the way with your press release.

What are people saying?

  • We got good coverage using your service. We'll continue to use it whenever we have any new products or announcements - definitely a cost effective solution. Thanks!

    David Urmann, CEO, Holiday.com
  • We have just started using I-Newswire.com now but so far their service has been proven invaluable. We've gotten huge exposure which resulted in increased traffic and improved rankings. Thanks I-Newswire!

    Peter Harrigan CEO, PalmPartners.com
  • I've been recommending you guys to everyone. Thanks for providing a great service and at a good price. We'll continue to use you for all of our sites.

    Steve Denker COO, Beach.com
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