Tycon Systems Inc. Wins Best Of State Award - 2014 - Production & Manufacturing - Wholesale Goods

Salt Lake City, Utah 06/04/2014: Scott Parsons - President was presented with the prestigious "Best of State Award" on June 4, 2014, for outstanding Production and Manufacturing - Wholesale Goods. This was a hotly contested statewide prize.

The Utah Best of State Awards Ceremony has been a tradition of business excellence in Utah for the past 12 years. The awards ceremony is presented at a prestigious Black Tie Reception held in the Salt Palace Convention Center Ballroom - Salt Lake City. This ceremony is represented and taped by the major television and News Media outlets in the State. This year's Masters of Ceremony were Shauna Lake - News Anchor from KUTV and 2News, and Mark Koelbel - Co-anchor. The Best of State Motto is "Excelling and Surpassing All Else."® The Best of State judging criteria includes overall business achievement and excellence in service, products, performance, and recognizing the people, organizations, and businesses that are achieving, innovating, and improving the quality of goods, life and community in the State. Innovation, creativity, and differentiation, along with contributions to making the State of Utah a "Better place," are highly sort after traits for this award. Judges are selected based on their expertise and credibility in their particular fields of vocation and come from universities, industry leaders, and experts in specific industry endeavors.

Tycon Systems Inc. at Tyconsystems.com was formed to concentrate on specialized renewable energy and wireless communications products. Target markets include: Security, Surveillance, Wireless, Oil and Gas, Industrial, Commercial, Remote Sensing. Tycon Systems Inc. is the parent company for Tycon Power Systems and Tycon Wireless.

Tycon Power Systems at TyconPower.com makes a variety of Remote Power products to run a variety of equipment off-grid. Its Outdoor UPS products are popular in areas where backup or clean power is needed. POE products include voltage converters, mid-spans and switches. Products are designed to operate over industrial temperature ranges and perform well in harsh environments.

Tycon Wireless specializes in point to point wireless bridge systems for connecting networks in two buildings. Ease of installation, high performance and affordable pricing are key features of the EZ-Bridge product line.

Tycon Systems Inc. is now officially recognized and considered a leader of innovation and excellence in the State of Utah and is awarded accordingly. Congratulations!