The Robust Gympik Platform Welcomes Health and Fitness Professionals

Gympik's fills the gap and provides meaningful employment for health professionals

Gympik's fills the gap and provides meaningful employment for health professionals

The health and fitness domain has become very competitive. A larger number of people are now becoming more health conscious and are seeking the help of professionals. But the market is also choc-a-block with professionals ranging from nutritionists and dieticians, to yoga gurus and personal trainers. The fact of the matter is that the supply of health and fitness professionals in India has outstripped the demand. This glut has led to cut throat competition and many qualified and trained health professionals are now finding it very difficult to find consistent, meaningful and fulfilling employment.

The Trend-Setters

Co-founder of Gympik, Amaresh Ojha says that when they launched their online marketplace for all things health and fitness, it took very little time for the craze to catch on. City dwellers who are always time strapped found a solution in terms of getting easy access to credible health professionals. But the other side of the coin also was that health and fitness proponents found the ideal platform to showcase their skills and expertise.

Where Health Professionals Converge

Today, it is possible to find personal trainers, martial arts instructors and yoga teachers via the Gympik platform. Some of the best nutritionists and dieticians also have a presence here and there is absolutely no doubt about the fact that this unique online space is going to be the one place that people turn to for all their health and fitness needs. Professionals from the field now find that they do not have to stress too much to find clients. The clients come to them and they can provide guidance and support virtually as well as at clients homes.

Making a Mark -

While some of the professionals augment their income by providing guidance in this manner, there are others who are full-time private consultants and find that Gympik has done an amazing job with launching a site that is a meeting place for like-minded professionals. In addition, the online tools that are available on the site help them keep track and manage their clients progress in a more efficient and convenient manner.

These are the distinct advantages of having an online platform that is scalable and constantly evolving to meet the growing needs of users. The employment opportunity it provides professionals is hard to overlook and in the short time since its launch, has made its mark.