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Regulator Knocks Gumtree Tricksters Off Their Perch
i-Newswire, 2013-12-03
This week brought fantastic news for victims of telephone fraud as regulator PhonepayPlus confronted huge phone offender RS Premium with a hefty fine and a ban on operating premium rate numbers.

Students as the Perfect Victims for Phone Scamming
i-Newswire, 2013-04-18
A huge busniess developed around the possibility the generate money through phone scamming. The all time favourite „customers" for the deception are students that are willing to join every new way of communicating, unaware of upcoming dangers.

The Tech Support Scammers And Their Dubious Cold-Calls
i-Newswire, 2013-04-10
As many people often trust the instructions of tech-savvies, a whole industry of scammers dedicated their business to mislead consumers by pretending to offer tech support. can help out!

New Player In The Game Of Scamming
i-Newswire, 2013-03-12
It seems there is a new player in the game of scamming innocent timeshare owners into purchasing help to move their timeshares. It has been cold-calling individuals who own timeshares offering to assist the owners in selling their timeshares.

Great Success Against PC Doctor Scammers
i-Newswire, 2012-12-11
PC doctor scam seems to be over for good: With the help of a network of law enforcement officials from different countries, FTC has arrested 17 leading members of phone fraud companies.

PPI Claims Phone Scam To Strike UK
i-Newswire, 2012-07-19
Several cases of PPI fraud attempts have been reported to the Tellows community against phone spam during the last month. Anonymous callers are trying to convince people that they are owed money for an unclaimed PPI insurance.