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"How To Draw A Portrait Of Jesus"
i-Newswire, 2014-03-18
Publisher of inspirational Christian art workbooks. "How To Draw A Portrait Of Jesus" presents a new and powerful devotional dynamic to the religious experience. This remarkable workbook provides an exercise in spiritual sensitivity that enhances and

Last Call for 'FaithVu Founders' to Be Part of Game-changing, Captivating Prayer App
i-Newswire, 2014-03-12
FaithVu ("FaithView"), a nonprofit project, will enable a customizable, engaging and inspiring 'Personal Prayer Place' app for Facebook, mobile, and tablet. This app will empower folks to witness and share God's graces like never before.

Popular Prayer Website PRAYHoUSe Introduces 'Stub' And 'Special' Prayers
i-Newswire, 2014-03-06
Popular Christian prayer website PRAYHoUse introduces two new prayer categories: 'stub' and 'special' prayers.

Popular Prayer Website PRAYHoUSe Reachs Milestone Of Its Prayers Said 1,000,000 Times
i-Newswire, 2014-02-14
The popular prayer website PRAYHoUSe on Saturday, February 8, 2014, reached the milestone of its over 10,000 prayers said 1,000,000 times.

Popular Prayer Website PRAYHoUSe Updates Its Terms of Use of Prayers
i-Newswire, 2014-02-07
The popular Christian prayer website PRAYHoUSe yesterday, February 3, 2013, updated its terms of use of prayers with changes on the number of its prayers visitors can use on their social media accounts.

Popular Christian Prayer Website PRAYHoUSe Calls For Public Contribution
i-Newswire, 2014-01-31
PRAYHoUSe today begins its call for public contribution. The prayer website, which houses over 10,000 prayers from the Scriptures, has since last month claimed to be the largest Christian prayer directory on the World Wide Web.

Non-profit Christian Prayer Website PRAYHoUSe Launches New Mobile Site For Its Mobile Visitors
i-Newswire, 2014-01-24
After the release of the first two volumes of their three-volumed prayer book, PRAYHoUSe launches its new high-end mobile site for mobile visitors, which accounts for over 80% of their total visitors everyday.

Popular Prayer Website PRAYHoUSe Introduces 'Stumble On A Prayer'
i-Newswire, 2014-01-16
On January 12, 2014, popular Christian prayer website PRAYHoUSe reached a milestone of its over 10,000 prayers said over 500,000 times in less than three months.

Praydoo Launches New Social Networking Website for Sharing Prayers
i-Newswire, 2013-09-15
The concept of social media is now broadened with the launch of a new internet website for people who want to share their hopes, worries and inner thoughts as they open up their heart in prayer.

Is Life Bringing You Down? Then This Book Is For You
i-Newswire, 2013-04-29
In Psalms For Today, the author shares his personal reflections on aging, loneliness, bullying, sin and other important subjects that are common to man. The book offers encouragement to others who face similar challenges and difficulties in life. Discusses Christian Life Empowerment through the Power of Prayer
i-Newswire, 2013-02-12, a website offering glimpses of God's Truth that the Bible speaks of, offers a full discussion on prayer, as the Scripture defines it.

'365 Ways to Get Good Luck! for 2013' Becomes #1 Best Seller
i-Newswire, 2013-01-13
The phenomenon of wanting to get good luck in 2013 is spreading. Starting with New York City officials adding good luck charms to the 7 foot number "13" ball drop on New Year's Eve - to a book devoted to good luck for 2013 becoming a #1 best se

Science Academy Software Introduces EBook On Prayers, Rituals, And Manifestation
i-Newswire, 2012-12-05
Science Academy Software®, an educational publisher announced today the release of a new mini-eBook "Making Is So -- Manifesting Realities, Ritualistic Prayer, Spiritual and Practical Guidance" by Robert Cummings.

Eckankar News: Community HU Song to Uplift All People Spiritually
i-Newswire, 2012-05-17
Eckankar, a spiritual teaching that offers direct experience of the Light and Sound of God, announces its introduction of the community HU Song. This ancient, pure prayer can bring about healing and a realization of God's love.

Kingdom Marketplace Joseph's And Daniel's To Gather To Solve Problems And Build Alliances
i-Newswire, 2012-04-05
We are assembling marketplace and ministerial leaders like yourself in all seven spheres of influence; modern-day Josephs and Daniels to overcome worldly mindsets and economic systems and their limitations - with heavenly perspectives.

Kyrathasoft Releases A Program To Assist Devout Worshippers
i-Newswire, 2011-12-26
I encourage anyone who considers themselves a devout worshipper to download and use Prayer Minder for Windows. It works with all Windows versions from Windows XP forward, whether 32-bit or 64-bit operating system. Future versions of the program will

New Jewish Tutoring Education Program Launched By Two Young Sister Executives: Revolutionizes How Jewish Students Learn Hebrew and Prepare for Their Bar/Bat Mitzvah From the Comfort of Home
i-Newswire, 2011-03-31
Two young sister executives launch, as an innovative, online, and interactive media tutoring program for all Jewish Students seeking Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation and Hebrew learning. Using the latest technology.

"Mysteries of the Jesus Prayer": New Documentary Film Begins Theatrical Release in February
i-Newswire, 2011-02-14
Endorsed by the National Council of Churches and the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of North America, "Mysteries of the Jesus Prayer," will take you on a journey through the mysteries of God and into the history of the newly discovered ancient prayer

Inspirational Book Tells of One Man's Focus on God
i-Newswire, 2011-01-26
In this revealing book, the author discusses his conversion from sin to righteousness and his experience of having an individual, personal relationship with God.

The Song of HU, A Gift of Prayer to the World
i-Newswire, 2010-07-31
Why do thousands the world over now sing HU? As a form of non-directed prayer, singing HU (pronounced hue) entrusts our concerns to Spirit. It opens the door to profound healing, provides solace in times of grief, offers protection and guidance.

Church Revival "Led By the Holy Spirit Worship Center"- Streams of Living Water!
i-Newswire, 2010-05-04
Pastor Scott Giles, Revival Meeting with Praise and Worship. With Special Guest Speakers in Rancho Mirage, California.

A Vision of Unity within Diversity by Loving One Another
i-Newswire, 2009-12-01
We invite all religious and non-religious beliefs to meet and share our experiences so that we may find our commonalities and become more effective in Helping Others. Attendees are expected to check their prejudices at the door and have an open mind.

The New Book OUR WARFARE teaches Spiritual Warfare
i-Newswire, 2009-10-01
Our Warfare takes a fresh look into the depth of spiritual warfare that all children of God are called to partake in. It's bold, and in depth. It is now available at,, and