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Science Academy Software Introduces EBook On Prayers, Rituals, And Manifestation
i-Newswire, 2012-12-05
Science Academy Software®, an educational publisher announced today the release of a new mini-eBook "Making Is So -- Manifesting Realities, Ritualistic Prayer, Spiritual and Practical Guidance" by Robert Cummings.

NYC/San Diego Jewelry Designer Takes Part in LA Thread Show Dec. 3-5, 2010 at Bay Salone
i-Newswire, 2010-11-11
Award Winning Jewelry Designer Joanna-Joy Seetoo takes part in LA Thread Show Dec. 3-5, 2010 at Bay Salone as her first retail show to debut her new line, Wishcraft by Joanna Seetoo Designs.

Columbia's Rebel Belle Welcomes "Financial Alchemist" to Divulge Secrets for Creating Income in a Recession
i-Newswire, 2009-12-02
Andrea Hess will take calls on the Tuck Talk radio show Monday, November 30 and share information about her personal journey that led to creating her own manifestation philosophy.

The Sustainable Success Star Monthly E-zine Launched
i-Newswire, 2009-11-18
Free Monthly Ezine, The Sustainable Success Star, Reveals Cutting-Edge Success Strategies That Will Work Even In Today's Turbulent Economic Times

Shamantist Penny Weaver offers Class on Numerology
i-Newswire, 2009-09-30
Reverend and Shamantist Penny Weaver announced she will be teaching a class on Numerology. It will be offered online as a teleseminar on October 13, 2009 at 7:30 p.m.