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The Hazard of Inflammation Associated with Heart Surgery Can Be Reduced with the Help of Omega 3 Fatty Acids
i-Newswire, 2013-07-16
The study suggests that the compounds that are naturally occurring, biologically active, and derived from omega-3 PUFAs reduce inflammation and improve the healing of blood vessels after injury.

Putting Toxins In Perspective
i-Newswire, 2013-01-29
Worrying about pesticide toxins is not productive when most mouths have are a toxin producing factory. Without good oral hygiene, toxins will enter the blood stream and digestive tract and cause havoc to the body.

Steven Warren MD DPA
i-Newswire, 2011-12-17
Steven Warren MD DPA and Mike Kennedy MD just published new High Polyphenol Diet Study. High polyphenol diet program with an excellent accountability system has been shown to help patients lose weight.

Link Between Periodontal Disease And Prostatitis
i-Newswire, 2011-11-30
Periodontal disease has recently been shown to increase the risk of prostatitis. Both produce high levels of inflammation in the body.

Pennsylvania's First Himalayan Salt Cave Is Scheduled To Open On March 29th 20011.
i-Newswire, 2011-03-21
Dr. Margaret Smiechowski, North America's foremost expert on Himalayan salt, is pleased to announce that her latest salt cave design is set to be revealed on March 29th, 2011, at the opening of the Tranquility Salon and Wellness Center in Carlisle,

Dr. Dipnarine Maharaj Featured Guest At Cell Science Systems To Discuss Reducing Inflammation And Risk For Cancer By Collecting And Storing Healthy Stem Cells
i-Newswire, 2010-09-27
Speech to focus on inflammation, cancer and healthy stem cells

February is Dedicated To Heart Disease Awareness
i-Newswire, 2010-02-03
BodyLogicMD Bioidentical Hormones Experts Balance Hormones to Help Prevent Heart Disease