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Press Releases with tag "fancy dress costumes" Today Announce Fundraising Ideas For Comic Relief
i-Newswire, 2013-03-12
As Comic Relief draws nearer there are more people looking for some way to raise money for charity. today announced some fundraising ideas for people to use, if they're still seeking ways to get involved in Comic Relief this y Promotes Zombie Costumes With The Recent Release Of Warm Bodies
i-Newswire, 2013-02-21
Warm Bodies is a new film for 2013 which has many people raving about both zombies and Valentine's Day, which is why is promoting their costumes for both of these themes now. Promote Zombie Costumes In The Wake Of The Release Of Dead Space 3
i-Newswire, 2013-02-21
In the wake of Dead Space 3's release, is promoting zombie costumes to their customers, even in the lead up to Valentine's Day. Promotes Zombie Costumes With The Recent Release of Warm Bodies
i-Newswire, 2013-02-21
With the recent release of Warm Bodies in cinemas, is promoting zombie costumes, as they're quite clearly a popular theme no matter the time of year. Promote Zombie Costumes Due To Recent Zombie Alert Hack
i-Newswire, 2013-02-12
The recent zombie alert which broadcast last night in America has prompted to promote their zombie costumes in the wake of their obvious popularity.

Fancy Dress Outfitters Experience Increased Sales In The Lead Up To Chinese New Year
i-Newswire, 2013-02-01
As Chinese New Year approaches more and more businesses are preparing to open their doors for the occasion with themed nights and events for customers to attend in fancy dress costumes.

Fancy Dress Outfitters Prepares For Valentine's Day Sales By Increasing Their Stock
i-Newswire, 2013-02-01
Fancy Dress Outfitters, an online retailer of fancy dress, are preparing for busy sales in the lead up to Valentine's Day by increasing their stock levels, and purchasing new product ranges to offer customers online.

Fancy Dress Outfitters Experience Demand For Zombie Valentine's Day Costumes
i-Newswire, 2013-02-01
Fancy Dress Outfitters has recently experienced an inflow of customers demanding Valentine's Day costumes as well as Halloween accessories to create unique costumes for the most romantic day of the year. Prepare For Valentine's Day 2013 With New Costumes
i-Newswire, 2013-02-01
Online fancy dress retailer, are preparing for Valentine's day 2013 by increasing stock levels of their valentine's costumes and bringing in new ranges to offer to customers. Experience Increased Sales In The Lead Up To The Launch Of Dead Island Riptide
i-Newswire, 2013-01-25
As the release date for new zombie game Dead Island Riptide approaches, more and more people are purchasing zombie costumes to get back into the zombie theme with the New Year. Experience Increased Sales In The Lead Up To The Release Of Dead Space 3
i-Newswire, 2013-01-25
Upcoming survival horror game Dead Space 3 has sparked many people into getting back into the theme of zombies for the New Year. has been experiencing increased zombie costume sales as a result of the nearby release date.

Fancy Dress Outfitters Experience Increased Sales Of Zombie Costumes In The Lead Up To The Release Of Dead Island Riptide
i-Newswire, 2013-01-24
The new game for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, Dead Island Riptide is due to be released on the 26th of April. Fancy Dress Outfitters has been experiencing an increased number of sales of zombie costumes.

Fancy Dress Outfitters Experience Increased Enquiries In The Lead Up To World Book Day
i-Newswire, 2013-01-22
With World Book Day fast approaching, parents are enquiring with different fancy dress retailers after different fancy dress costumes for their children to wear to school on the 7th of March this year.

Steampunk Fancy Dress Becomes More Popular
i-Newswire, 2013-01-22
Steampunk is a fantasy style created by huge fancy dress fans. The style is remnant of Victorian England, but has a twist on the style, including cogs and working machinery in bright gold, and has become very popular lately.

Fancy Dress Outfitters Experience Increased Sales In The Lead Up To Valentine's Day
i-Newswire, 2013-01-18
In the lead up to Valentine's Day couples are preparing a special day for each other, and others are simply getting ready for a big night out with friends to a themed party, while Fancy Dress Outfitters have been hard at work supplying costumes.

Celebrating Christmas For Less With
i-Newswire, 2012-12-21
Online fancy dress retailer,, reveal ways in which customers can celebrate Christmas for less in a tough economic climate. Today Awarded Jack Munton Their Annual Award For 'Outstanding Customer Service'
i-Newswire, 2012-12-21 today awarded Jack Munton, Customer Service Manager, their annual award for 'Outstanding Customer Service'. Jack has dealt with many customer queries and going beyond his job role to ensure customer satisfaction. Discuss How Families Save Money At Christmas
i-Newswire, 2012-11-28, online retailer of fancy dress costumes, discusses the ways people are saving money on Christmas celebrations for 2012.

Sexy Fancy Dress For Christmas
i-Newswire, 2012-11-27
The has amazing, sexy costumes for all of their customers that want to spice up their Christmas.

Price Match For Christmas
i-Newswire, 2012-11-27 has price match promises through a whole business year, yet Christmas is when most people are interested in it.

Fancy Dress Friendliness From
i-Newswire, 2012-11-27
The team are a friendly bunch, always ready and willing to have a chat.

Christmas Fun For The Family
i-Newswire, 2012-11-23 has a wide range of costumes for the whole family. Discuss Their Facebook Deals In Time For Christmas
i-Newswire, 2012-11-22
Liking a Facebook page is quick and easy. Liking the's Facebook page is a money saver.

Fancy Dress For New Years
i-Newswire, 2012-11-20
Giving the gift of giving is easier than ever with Stock Up For Christmas
i-Newswire, 2012-11-19
Uniforms and novelty costumes are popular year round, which means has prepared their stocks well in advanced.