It Is Important For Everyone To Learn The Times Tables

It is important for everyone to memorize the times tables to build confidence, be prepared for future math classes, and use in everyday life.

Times Tables-author Dart Ridenour

A student will have increased confidence and decreased anxiety when they memorize the times tables. The questions are all known for a timed multiplication test. When a student is able to take a test knowing they will get 100% they become much more confident in the world of mathematics.

Multiplication is used in all future math classes they will take and most science classes. If a student doesn't know multiplication it will .....slow.....them.....down. They will have to stop and think "what is 6 x 7 ?" in the middle of an algebra lesson. Aside from taking time, it is difficult to concentrate on the new ideas that are being taught. The multiplication tables need to be memorized to allow students to succeed in math classes tomorrow, next week and next year.

Multiplication is used in everyday life. OK, many people do not use higher math in their everyday life (often depending on their job), but the times tables are used everyday. Whether someone is figuring out how much money they will spend on gas to take a long vacation, how to triple that recipe to feed a crowd, or how much lumbar to buy to build a dog house, knowing your times tables is used every day.

Remember it is important for everyone to memorize the times tables. It takes some work, but the rewards are worth it.

Author Dart Ridenour is a Chemical Engineer. In his retirement he is the owner of Multiplication Education. He is a lifelong teacher to 3 grown children, a math and science tutor, and a computer program designer. He enjoys spending time with his family and doing a calculus problem every now and then, just for fun.