How Our Press Release Service Works at I-Newswire

How it Works

We offer an easy approach for press release distribution. You submit and we take care of your distribution. Premium press release recieve Fast approvals in 4 hours. Your news get published fast!

How Our Fast And Simple Process Works

We have created a simple to use process that gets your news published with ease. Whether it be for a product launch, event, new hire or appointment, you can simply take your newsworthy announcement and quickly bring it to the forefront of today's news.
We make it easy for you to connect to your target audience. Share your story. Increase your online visibility today!


Signing up couldn't be easier! We have made the sign up process as simple as possible. All you need to sign up is your name and email address. Once provided, we will send you a confirmation email link to activate your account. Now you are at the doorstep of potential clients and customers!

Activate Your Account

Activating your account is as simple as a few clicks! Clicking the activation button in the confirmation email automatically activates your free account! Once activated, we provide you with a choice of submitting your news using our FREE basic press release service or taking advantage of our Premium Featured submission service! It's that simple!

Our Free Basic Submission Service

Our intuitive submission panel makes submission simple. Getting your news out to your audience has never been easier. With our one of a kind submission panel, your news will become tomorrow's industry headlines.

Our Premium Featured Submission Service

Our Premium Featured press release even allows you to add your company logo, images, and video to your press release. Optimized for Web Readers and Search Engines, your premium featured press release will strengten your message and company branding! Premium Featured press release approval by our editoral team is fast and your press release can be off running to the presses within hours.

Distribution Partners

With over 350 partnerships online ranging from news organizations to targeted niche sites, we strive to provide you with quality syndication and media coverage. You can be sure that your press release reaches your audience and receives major media exposure. Our partnership with various Search Engines, News Sites, and Article Directories provides your press release with the exposure it deserves. Through these distribution channels, you will gain more visitors and credibility to your brand.

Tangible Tracking and Reporting

We provide tangible tracking and reporting of your press release after it has been published. We track and report where your press release has been published to. This helps your marketing efforts, allowing you to see where your press release has been published around the web. This full-color PDF report is included in every Premium Press Release Submission ready for download.

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