Citizen Skyhawk Radio Controlled Watch

When one first look at the Citizen Skyhawk Radio Controlled watch, one would be forgiven for wondering it is a remote control to fly a plane or perhaps even a rocket.

When one first look at the Citizen Skyhawk Radio Controlled watch, one would be forgiven for wondering it is a remote control to fly a plane or perhaps even a rocket. The Citizen Skyhawk Radio Controlled watch is an amazing futuristic looking watch and would make even James Bond turn a distinct shade of envious green.

The first thing that strikes one is the size! It's like a moon rock - very large (almost 2 inches across). There's no way one or anyone can miss seeing the time on this baby. In fact, one bet one could read the time from a couple of meters away. To match the overall size, the watch hands are deliberately large and in the dark glow like the moon itself. Yup! Citizen Skyhawk Radio controlled watches could tell one the time on the far side of the moon!

The case and bracelet is beautifully finished in Titanium (also available in stainless steel) making this a tough, almost crush proof watch. One bet the HULK would love this one.

It is said that 300 engineers were involved in the design and production of Citizen aqualand divers watch. It has just about everything one can think of - even a rotating slide rule bezel calculator and one will find several videos at on how to use the bezel. Basically, slide rule bezel replicates the E6B flight computer that lets one do simple flight calculations for fuel consumption, distance travelled, and ground speed. Clearly, the Citizen Skyhawk Radio Controlled Watch has a world-wide fan club.

As one eyeball the dial of the Citizen chronograph watches, one notice two small windows with digital displays. The one on the left displays one's hometown and the one the right displays a secondary time from a different city (one can select up to 43 different cities) and can also be used to set two alarms.

As one continue to eyeball the dial of one's Citizen aqualand dive watches, one also notice three sophisticated looking sub-dials. The one on the top is a power reserve indicator and radio zone indicator rolled into one. The sub-dial on the top and the 12'Oclock position displays the UTC time.

The sub-dial at the 6'Oclock position is a mode indicator. Move the dial to CHR (for Chronograph) and the digital display window on the right will switch over to chronograph mode. The sub-dial at the 2'Oclock position displays the time in 12 or 24 hour mode.

The watch has a perpetual calendar so bye-bye changing dates at month-ends, it also is radio- synched to the nearest public broadcast atomic clock. Your Mens citizen watches will automatically synchronize itself with the atomic clock and correct its time if required making this one hell of an accurate watch. Iron man would be proud of this one.

Basically a pilot's watch but it can also be used by anyone who loves gadgets or loves an accurate watch. The wearer can also go for a swim wearing this watch and can even dive to depths of 200 meters. Its anti-glare sapphire crystal ensures it is as easy to read the time 200 meters below water surface as it is to read sitting in the cockpit of a jet.

Solar recharging ensures you don't have to bother with batteries - ever. So if you love the look of this baby, Citizen automatic watches will do you proud.

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