Battlefield Bangkok Hobby Centre Offering Gamers a Wide Range of Memberships

Battlefield Bangkok, the premiere hobby centre in Thailand, offers gamers a wide range of memberships to choose from. But even none members can also walk in, pick a game from the demo selection and play in store for free.

Board, miniature and roll game enthusiasts in Bangkok can enjoy thrilling games at Battlefield Bangkok, the premiere hobby centre in Thailand. They can choose from a number of membership options, gaining optimum gaming experience with the Baht they spend. Membership can be bought through direct payment and renewed with the experience points.

A senior manager with the hobby centre explained, "For every 10 baht spent, a customer gains 1 experience point. There are many other ways to earn experience points as well and they can be used for several things in the shop."

The cost of Medium Level membership is 100 baht per year. Members can renew each year buy trading in Exp 2,000,they get a discount of 5% on purchases and can order games with a 50% deposit. High Level membership costs 500 baht per year or 1000 baht lifetime. Members at this level can renew each year by trading in Exp 5,000, they also get a discount of 10% on all purchases and can order games without needing to pay a deposit.

For an Established Club Membership, such as school clubs, the club owner needs only to provide documented proof of club existence and membership structure. As the manager said, "This level of membership will get the whole club a discount of 10% along with free shipping in Thailand. Battlefield Bangkok also supplies to other retailer stores, but such buyers must have a registered retail store with physical location."

The hobby store is closed for the whole day on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the store is open from 3 pm to 11 pm while on the weekends they are open from 12:30 pm to midnight. People can drop in any time to check out their broad collection of games, play games, learn new games, participate in demo sessions, or to just shop. Find more information on this board game store.

About the Company:

Battlefield Bangkok is the premiere hobby store in Thailand, serving gamers since 2009. They have such a large selection of items that one may feel overwhelmed; however, their staff are always there to assist people choose a game and learn playing it. The store celebrates the social aspect of coming together and having some fun time. Anyone crazy about card games, board games and roll games will find the store the perfect place to visit.

Contact Information:

Phone: 02 747 9719