Australian Hedge Fund Advisory Board Names Alcoveritas CIO Earl Reginald Stevenson

The Australian Government has named Alcoveritas CIO Earl Reginald Stevenson to Head of its Hedge Fund Advisory Boards in Canberra, Australia.

Breaking news out of Australia where the Australian Government today named Alcoveritas CIO Earl Reginald Stevenson to Head of its Hedge Fund Advisory Boards here in Canberra.

Stevenson is a Sydney based super hedge fund CIO and formerly a Silicon Valley capital assets visionary and mega software developer who developed cutting edge software and applications essential to emerging and stable capital markets, ventures, financials, gold bullion and precious and strategic metals assets. Stevenson joined Alcoveritas last month as its Senior Managing Partner and quickly rose to the position as CIO.

Stevenson's skill in monetary and financial expertise is what the Australian Government is looking for to bolster the government's recent financial risk assessments and directions regarding the Australian dollar and Australian global investments.

Alcoveritas is a privately hedge fund conglomerate based in Australia with commercial interests in Europe, the Middle East, Canada and Australia. Since its inception Alcoveritas has established a successful presence in both the funds management and private equity markets and has won industry awards in both categories. It owns and manages significant businesses globally; it also measures its success through contributing to positive and lasting change in the wider community.

Although the term 'hedge fund' has arguably meant a less-than-perfect experience for many northern hemisphere investors since the onset of the global financial crisis (GFC), in Australia, the investor experience has been remarkably positive - not only in quantitative terms of performance and risk, but also in qualitative aspects such as accessibility, liquidity and fees.

Source: Government of Australia Canberra Australia Contact: Blyth Forsheimm at Fox Media Inc Australian Business and Markets Division at