Announcing the Launching of Website & Upcoming Programs.

The Anthroposophic Psychology Associates of North America (APANA) announces it's website is now on line.

The Anthroposophic Psychology Associates of North America (APANA) is proud to announce that after four months of an intensive effort to give the Anthroposophic Psychology Associates of North America (APANA) a presence and a voice its website dedicated to the mission of APANA ( is now on line.

The website ( has the potential to become the visible presence and primary voice of APANA. It is in fact now ready to receive active members, offer numerous articles for purchase, engage in discussion forums on a wide variety of topics concerning the state of psychology, accept donations to promote Anthroposophic Psychology and grant scholarships for seminar participants.

We hope this website will become a platform for networking and serving all mental health professionals and anyone interested in the development of a psychology for body, soul, and spirit.

The faculty of Dr. William Bento, Dr. James Dyson, Dr. David Tresemer, Dr. Roberta Nelson, and Dr. Edmund Knighton have been envisioning and crafting three certificate programs in Anthroposophic Counseling to take place in three different regions of the country - California, North Dakota and New York. With the exception of Dr. Dyson, who lives and primarily works in England, the faculty has been completing a book based on last summer's seminar at Rudolf Steiner College. Gratitude streams toward Dr. Tresemer for having taken on the chief editorial task. The book is in its final stages of editorial completion. Under the direction of Dr. Bento APANA's administration has been taken up by Mary Hart, who is endeavoring to maintain communication with all parties involved and/ or interested in APANA Services LLC.