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I-Newswire.com is a press release distribution center. Unlike many other press release distribution services, we care about quality press releases. A common problem in today's distributions are distributors who publish anything to make money. This results in journalists and editors ignoring such places after time.

The new PR killer (PR Spam) is rampant online and on many less than favorable pr sites. Today's journalists and editors are not interested in "PR Spam" (abusing press releases to advertise products or services) which is also the reason why I-Newswire.com does not accept such submissions.

Press releases are designed to tell the world about newsworthy business developments. No editor cares about "Buy our great software today" - however they do care about "Software X released by Company Name". And these are the types of press releases we strive to deliver to the right media outlets online.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you announce newsworthy events / happenings. We have teamed up with many leading news sources who display our submissions on their web sites / search engines. We won't tell you where and when your newsitem will appear as we want to offer a "fair service" - meaning it doesn't matter if you submit your release free or featured: "We distribute every press release to all our partners", no matter if you run a small/new company with low funds or a huge multi-million dollar business.

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Contact us anytime via phone, live online chat or via our easy to use online helpdesk. We're here to help you get started or with any questions you might have regarding your pr submission.

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